Robert Rodriquez Updates on Sin City 2, Spy Kids 4

The release of Robert Rodriquez-produced Predators has put the filmmaker in front of the press where the inevitable questions about the status of Sin City 2 were presented. His answer suggests he still intends to make the film but the “when” is at least one more project away.

“It’s in the same place as always, I’m working on the script,” he told MovieWeb. “I’m trying to actually find the time to do it because I know I’m doing Spy Kids 4: Armageddon next.”

Spy Kids 4, he confirmed, is actually a reboot of his popular kids franchise and not a direct sequel. Once that’s off his plate, he admits that theoretically he could go full steam ahead on Sin City 2. That is assuming Fox does not pressure him into spearheading a Predators sequel first as the first wave of overwhemlingly positive Predators reviews indicate might happen.

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