PS4 Bundles Pre-Orders in Stock at Amazon and Launch Day Guaranteed

PS4 Bundles Pre-Orders in Stock at Amazon and Launch Day GuaranteedSony PS4 bundles pre-orders guaranteed for launch day have returned and are back in stock at online retailer If history repeats itself these won’t last long, so if you missed out on the first batch, you better pre-order your PS4 launch day bundle while they remain available.

The PS4 launch day bundles were conceived by after the standalone launch day PS4s sold out less than 48 hours after they first materialized to pre-order shortly after the console’s E3 price and aesthetics unveiling. They managed to stay in stock for several weeks before purchasing links for all four available bundles were simultaneously yanked.

Last night, Amazon brought all four bundles back and has offered gamers who missed out earlier on securing a launch day guaranteed PS4 console a second chance. Those bundles include the following: PS4 with Watch Dogs ($459.98), PS4 with Knack ($459.98), PS4 with Killzone: Shadow Fall and One Year of PS Plus ($499.90), and PS4 with Battlefield 4 and One Year of PS Plus ($499.90).

The Killzone: Shadow Fall and Battlefield 4 bundles cost more because PS Plus is required to partake in online multiplayer play, and those game are built as much for multiplayer action as they are for campaign. To help make the purchase more reasonable, Amazon has knocked $10 off the PS Plus price so these two bundles are where a small discount is applicable.

The Watch Dogs PS4 bundle was the most popular the first time these PS4 launch day bundles went up for pre-order. That pattern is repeating itself yet again as Watch Dogs has jumped up to the 18th position on Amazon’s video games bestsellers chart. I suspect it will climb into the top 10 before long and probably appear on the Movers and Shakers list as well.

Standalone PS4s are also available for pre-order, but there’s no launch day guarantee whatsoever attached to them. They could ship a week after the release date or not until 2014.

We don’t know how long these PS4 launch day bundles will last at Amazon. Right now they are the only means available to secure a launch day guaranteed PS4 and that will make them insanely popular. Don’t wait; pre-order your PS4 launch day bundle before Amazon runs through their new allotment and pulls them yet again. You can always cancel later if you need to with no obligation, so this opportunity is a case of better safe than sorry.

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