Pre-Order Battle: Los Angeles Blu-ray, Play Resistance 3 Demo

Battle: Los Angeles and Resistance 3 both fall under the Sony umbrella even though one is an effects spectacle movie and the other a video game. Sensing the opportunity to leverage one to benefit the other, Sony Computer Entertainment and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment have teamed up to provide an offer you can’t refuse.

Today SPHE announced that Battle: Los Angeles starring Aaron Eckhart will arrive on Blu-ray June 14 in single-disc and DVD combo configurations. The big news is that by purchasing either version of Battle: Los Angeles on Blu-ray, you will find a 30-minute playable single-player demo of Insomniac Games’ Resistance 3 for Playstation 3. That’s right; you can get a solid taste of Resistance 3 in roughly 6 weeks.

SCE is also planning a Resistance 3 multiplayer beta but those details are still being ironed out. What’s on the Battle: Los Angeles Blu-ray is strictly a single-player affair.

Click here to pre-order Battle: Los Angeles on Blu-ray for a discounted price at and get the Resistance 3 demo with it for free.

Speaking of Battle: Los Angeles on Blu-ray, expect a thunderous 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio mix and gritty 1080p video. Extensive bonus features aside from the Resistance 3 demo and PS3 theme include the following that will also appear on the DVD:

  • Behind The Battle
  • Directing the Battle
  • Creating L.A. in LA
  • Preparing for Battle

And these exclusive to Blu-ray:

  • Building the Aliens
  • Acting with Aliens
  • Shooting the Aliens
  • Boot Camp
  • The Freeway Battle
  • Command Control
  • Staff Sergeant Nantz
  • Marine Behind The Scenes
  • Aliens Ambush The Marines
  • Battling Unknown Forces
  • Technical Sargeant Santos
  • Alien Autopsy
  • Gas Station Explosion
  • Visual FX on the Freeway
  • Do You Believe in Aliens?
  • Alien Command & Control

Check out the Battle: Los Angeles Blu-ray cover art below.

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