Paramount Blu-ray Launch to Include Reissues

Paramount Home Entertainment has revealed the full launch slate for their return to the Blu-ray business which will include several titles previously released on the format.

In addition to debuting Bee Movie, Face/Off and Next on May 20, the studio will reissue Aeon Flux, Babel, Black Snake Moan, Coming to America, Disturbia, Dreamgirls, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Sleep Hollow, The Untouchables, The Warriors, The Warriors, Trading Places, We Were Soldiers and World Trade Center on the same date.

We’ve also learned May 20 will see the release of Blades of Glory on Blu-ray, a title Paramount pulled from the release schedule in the 11th hour last year after announcing their HD DVD exclusive agreement.

Unfortunately Blades of Glory and the other reissues will not include Dolby TrueHD audio. Bee Movie will, though, in addition to supplemental materials presented in HD. There’s a good chance Face/Off, Next and all future Paramount titles will adopt the lossless audio format.

You can check out new cover art for Face/Off, Blades of Glory and Bee Movie below. We’ll add pre-order links for all of Paramount’s new Blu-ray titles as soon as they’re available.

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