New Thundercats Trailer from WonderCon 2011

A new trailer for Warner Bros. Animation’s reimagining of the Thundercats was unveiled at WonderCon this past weekend and managed to make its way online in no time. Based on the trailer, this is the kind of reboot that won’t be hard to get behind.

At first glance you might think you’re looking at the old Thundercats show from the 1980s when watching the trailer. The character faces are more anime, but there’s a vintage simplicity in the animation style that harkens back to how shows were drawn when the original aired. Lion-O, Panthro or any of the old vintage character designs would be right at home if dropped into this new Thundercats world.

Another touch of nostalgia comes from Larry Kenney who voiced Lion-O in the original show. Kenney returns in the new Thundercats to voice Claudius, ruler of the Thundercats on Thundera. The similarity between the old Lion-O voice and new Claudius voice is unmistakable.

Thundercats hits the Cartoon Network this fall and brings with it a whole line of merchandising including toys and more.

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