New Thor: The Dark World Trailer Reunites Avenger with Loki

New Thor: The Dark World Trailer Reunites Avenger with LokiMarvel unveiled an all-new trailer for Thor: The Dark World this morning, the second film in their Cinematic Universe Phase 2 and first to feature the God of Thunder (Chris Hemsworth) and his mischievous brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston) since last summer’s The Avengers.

As the film’s name portends, the trailer depicts a darker world where even the glitz and sheen of Asgard has been dialed back significantly. A new evil threat has emerged that Thor suggests may have existed before man himself. That threat has come to earth and sent Thor there to protect the realm he swore to.

On earth Thor reunites with Jane (Natalie Portman) and whisks her off to Asgard. It’s difficult to tell whether Jane returns to earth or not, but she looks to be eating up the otherworldly scenery while Sif (Jaimie Alexander) looks on with jealousy over the object of Thor’s affections.

Thor and the Warriors Three can’t fight this new Dark Elf threat alone so in desperation he turns to Loki, imprisoned after attacking Earth with the Chitauri. Even Loki tells Thor that he’s a fool to trust him, but Thor apparently has no choice in the matter. Something has happened and Loki is Thor’s last hope.

Even though director Alan Taylor of Game of Thrones fame has filmed a more serious “viking” looking film for the Thor sequel, there’s still humor to be found amongst the gods. Jane has a great moment when she slaps Loki and tells him it’s for New York. Loki takes it like a man and simply says in return to Thor, “I like her.”

The best moment of all comes at the end when a large troll-like creature steps forward to battle Thor and his warriors. After being told by Sif to take the creature on, Thor takes one swing with his hammer and breaks the creature into a pile rubble. He then casually looks at the rest of his foes and says, “anyone else?” I get the feeling this creature will end up reforming out of the rubble right after that comment.

Thor: The Dark World is now three months away from its November 8 release date as Marvel takes its first stab at releasing a Cinematic Universe film during the holiday shopping season.

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