New Iron Man 2 Photo and Set Visit Spoilers

Marvel has published the first of a multi-part Iron Man 2 set visit report with an accompanying image of Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) in deep thought from the confines of his workshop.

The image itself is spoiler-free without context so don’t feel like you’re ruining the film by taking a glimpse. In it, Tony stares at a model of some sort of city with a look of concern draped over his face. When the scene is described, it becomes much more meaningful to the film’s plot. Spoilers ahead.

“But the most interesting section was a carpeted corner that looked unkempt and much more cluttered,” offered Randy of Marvel when describing Tony’s workshop. “This section seemed separate from the rest of Tony’s workshop. It featured numerous blueprints, an old film projector, newspaper clippings, a German passport and numerous references to NASA. It appeared Howard Stark was connected with the Manhattan Project, which will be an important clue in discovering what Tony’s father was working on. The entire set provided a very Cold War aesthetic indicating a Russian slant to the film.”

Randy goes on to describe one of two scenes he witnessed being shot. “The first scene depicted Tony looking down at a scale model of the Stark Expo, which closely resembles the New York World’s Fair Pavilion. This included a Unisphere at the center of the convention,” he said. “As the camera panned from the level of the model towards Tony looking inquisitive at the Stark Expo, he spoke to himself, “The key to the future is…where?”

Click on the new Iron Man 2 image below to view a larger version, then head over to to read Marvel’s Iron Man 2 set visit report: part 1 in its entirety.

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