New ‘BioShock’ Xbox 360 Screenshots

2K Games has heard our call for more information on mysterious underwater shooter ‘BioShock’ and delivered with a heap of new screenshots and a few morsels of new gameplay information.

‘BioShock’ was a darling of E3, telling the story of a pilot who crashes in an icy sea and discovers a mysterious underwater city called Rapture. The city was once an ideal society created to house the world’s brightest minds, but has since soured into a derelict shadow of its art deco design charm, where strange guardians roam the streets and freakish girls suck fluid from the dead.

Previously we had come to learn weapons can be modified with ionic gels, explosives and toxins to match the enemy or situation presented. Now we know your actual body can also be modifed via Plasmid Stations scattered throughout Rapture that “empower you with fantastic and often grotesque abilities.” Count me in.

‘BioShock’ is still on target for a 2007 release on Xbox 360 and PC.

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