McG Talks Terminator 5 and 6 in Salvation Blu-ray BD-Live Chat

Saturday’s Terminator Salvation BD-Live chat with director McG saw the director brimming with confidence or arrogance, depending on your point of view, about the future of the Terminator franchise.

When asked about the possibility of a Terminator 5, McG not only stated one is coming but also that he will direct it. And Terminator 6.

McG went on to state that his vision for Terminator 5 would include Sarah Connor and possible Robert Patrick playing a scientist who would become the model for the liquid metal T-1000 model.

Keep in mind the rights to Terminator could be changing hands before February 1, 2010, when Halycon has announced the currently ongoing auction will come to a close. There is a chance Halcyon will retain the rights and could bring back McG but if Terminator goes to another studio, that studio may be more comfortable finding their own man for the job.

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