Man of Steel Trailer Traces Clark Kent From Troubled Boy to Superman

Man of Steel Trailer Traces Clark Kent From Troubled Boy to SupermanWarner Bros. second trailer for Man of Steel, the Zack Snyder reboot of DC’s Superman for the big screen, is not only beautifully filmed, but sets up a tale that transcends any previous depiction of Clark Kent’s (Henry Cavill) journey from an adopted infant from another world to protector of ours. It oozes with promise of an emotionally charged Superman story we haven’t seen before, and that’s exactly what the franchise needs after the debacle that was Superman Returns.

Much like the shorter Man of Steel trailer that debuted this past summer, it would be impossible to peg Zack “300” Synder as the director based purely on the visuals. He’s stepped up his game in taking on the responsibility of DC’s most iconic superhero. There’s a tactile feel to the world he’s created, punctuated by the beard on Kent’s face that symbolizes an internal struggle brought on by a great responsibility.

What’s most amazing about the trailer isn’t the shot of Superman punching the ground and blasting off into space, or Zod’s spaceship hovering outside the Smallville farm. It’s the reaction of Pa Kent (Kevin Costner) after his son saves a school bus full of children and lets others see his powers for presumably the first time. Clark asks his dad, “what was I supposed to do… let them die?” In response, Pa says with pain in his voice, “maybe.”

Pa, and likely Ma Kent (Diane Lane), are protective of their son’s true identity. They aren’t asking him to run out and save the world. There’s genuine fear in Pa’s voice about what might become of Clark if the world discovers who he is and what he can do. This parenting looks to play into Clark’s ascent into manhood and why he grows a beard and sets out to become a fisherman, to vanish into obscurity.

Pa’s fears look to come true as Superman is eventually hauled off in handcuffs by the military. The “Man of Steel” will, of course, overcome everyone’s snap judgment and prove himself to the world as only he can.

With Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy wrapped up, Man of Steel aims to get the DC Comics universe movie franchise back on track when it opens in theaters everywhere on June 14, 2013.

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