Looper Trailer Sees Joseph Gordon-Levitt Meet His Older Self

Looper Trailer Sees Joseph Gordon-Levitt Meet His Older SelfThe first Looper trailer starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis, Paul Dano, Jeff Daniels and Emily Blunt has finally arrived online after a week of multiple small trailer teases, the newish somewhat annoying trend in Hollywood.

In the action-thriller from writer/director Rian Johnson, Gordon-Levitt plays a specific breed of hitman known as a Looper. It is his job to be at a very specific place and precise time, then kill the man or woman who is sent there from 30 years in the future by the mob.

It’s the good life for Loopers, full of gold, riches, women, and basically anything they want for a few seconds worth of work. That is until Gordon-Levitt looks into the eyes of his next target and sees himself, played by Bruce Willis.

You see, being a Looper isn’t a permanent position. When the mob decides a Looper’s time is up, they send back the future version of the Looper to close the Loop.

In this case, a slight hesitation by Gordon-Levitt and quick thinking by Willis sends the chase and trailer into overdrive.

Gordon-Levitt underwent extensive makeup work to look like a younger Bruce Willis. It’s an exact match, per se, but you can’t but dig the smirk on Gordon-Levitt’s face when each time he fires his shotgun. It’s the exact same smirk Willis used extensively in the Die Hard films.

If your 2012 movie slate wasn’t already full, be sure to add Looper on September 28 to it.

Looper Trailer Sees Joseph Gordon-Levitt Meet His Older Self

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