‘Live Free or Die Hard’ Not Unrated on Blu-ray

All was well on Fox’s triumphant return to Blu-ray tour. Scores of catalog titles are in the pipeline between now and year’s end from Fox and MGM — including the ‘Die Hard Trilogy.’ ‘Fantastic Four 2: Rise of the Silver Surfer’ is surfing in day-and-date with standard DVD, and ‘Live Free or Die Hard’ will be the heavily requested unrated cut and not the cop out PG-13 theatrical cut. Or will it?

Fox issued a standalone press release for ‘Live Free or Die Hard’ today that dropped a bombshell. The two-disc and single disc widescreen DVD versions of ‘Live Free or Die Hard’ will be blessed with the unrated cut. The Blu-ray version, however, is stuck with the PG-13 cut.

How can this be? What the hell has Fox done? Online journalist websites, TheManRoom included, originally reported the unrated cut was a lock for Blu-ray. We saw it printed in the original Blu-ray press release and laid eyes on unrated Blu-ray box art at Fox’s publicity website www.foxbd.com — which is still there! But according to the most recent press release, someone at Fox had a change of heart, and high definition adopters will pay the price.

We plan on confirming this directly with Fox as soon as possible and will update this report if anything changes. Until then, be thankful ‘Live Free or Die Hard’ is not a part of the ‘Die Hard Trilogy’ Blu-ray box set.

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