Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen Shack Up in Scary Movie 5 Trailer

Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen Shack Up in Scary Movie 5 TrailerLindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen’s roles in Scary Movie 5 are expected to be nothing more than brief cameos, but their unlikely tabloid fueled pairing is driving all the buzz behind the latest horror spoof flick.

Scary Movie 5 actually centers around Ashley Tisdale’s character Jody, the new occupant of a home previously owned by the characters played by Sheen and Lohan. The first trailer released yesterday via MTV introduces Jody in a scene ripped right out of Paranormal Activity 4 in which she and a friend chat on Skype and soon discover one of them is definitely not alone.

The found-footage phenomenon seems to be the main inspiration for Scary Movie 5 so many references to the “Paranormal Activity” franchise are expected. What isn’t expected is Leonardo DiCaprio showing up as a spoof on his Inception dream thief and offering a rather unconventional solution to Jody’s problems. You have to wonder what Christopher Nolan thinks of this twist on his film.

Sheen and Lohan show up in the trailer’s final act as Jody and a guy friend sit down to watch a recorded video. Strange noises freak out Lohan, Sheen tries to calm her down, and he ends up being thrown around the room and getting his junk pounded into a door numerous times. Lohan, meanwhile, seems more horrified by tabloid reports about her on the television. In reality the cameo will help keep her tabloid relevant for a few more months.

Scary Movie 5 and its laundry list of cameos arrives in theaters on April 12, 2013.

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