Jennifer Love Hewitt Wants Wonder Woman Role

Megan Fox has already expressed her disinterest in donning the golden tiara and bracelets to portray DC Comics’ Wonder Woman. Call her crazy, but other Hollywood babes are now chomping at the bit for the role — assuming Warner ever gets the film off the ground.

The latest Hollywood starlet to make a play for Wonder Woman is The Ghost Whisperer herself, Jennifer Love Hewitt. “I want to play Wonder Woman really badly,” she expressed to MTV News at Comic-Con. “I want them to make the movie of Wonder Woman, and I want to play Wonder Woman so bad. That’d be really fun.”

Ultimately Hewitt wants to do an action movie other than being chased by a psycho with a sickle. The Tomb Raider reboot would be OK, but Wonder Woman is her dream project and she was not afraid to bullet point the reasons the suit would be a perfect fit.

“Curvaceous,” she began. “Gold bracelets! Look at these wrists — tell me gold bracelets would not look good! And I love little tiaras, and Wonder Woman got to wear one of those. I’m very athletic.”

I’d still prefer Megan Fox in the role, personally. She has the look nailed and attitude Wonder Woman exudes. Jennifer Love Hewitt is a bit too “girl next door” to wield the Lasso of Truth.

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