Infamous PS3 Dead Drops Collectibles Locations Guide

Scattered throughout Empire City’s three districts in the Playstation 3 exclusive game Infamous are 350(!) Blast Shards which increase your energy, and 32 Dead Drops which are found attached to satellite dishes.

Though the Blast Shards are more for fun, the Dead Drops are actually encrypted transmissions from John, an agent who may lead Cole to the answers he seeks. You do not have to find where the Dead Drops are to complete the campaign but it can be a lot of fun to track them down.

Aiding in finding the locations of all the Dead Drops is the ability to “ping” with a radar pulse like sonar using L3. The satellites will make themselves visible on the mini-map when within range.

Use the following Dead Drops locations guide to find and collect all 32 of these hidden collectibles. Just be sure to wipe out any First Sons, Dust Men, Reapers or bosses like Alden or Sasha before pinpointing and collecting the Dead Drop.

Neon District
1. The first Dead Drop is a gimme as it is rewarded for completing the Dead Drop tutorial during the Mysterious Signals mission.
2. The second of three tutorial Dead Drop gimmes can be found north of Smith Fountain, also during the Mysterious Signals mission.
3. The final tutorial Dead Drop is located southeast of North Beach near the Power Plant. Use your sonar to pinpoint the exact location.
4. The block where the clinic is located in the southeast has the Dead Drop. Move approximately north and west from the clinic to find it.
5. Return to the same clinic and head the opposite directon, south and east. Move until you reach the warehouse near the shore where the Death Drop is located nearby.
6. There is a pond shaped like a heart just south of Memorial Park. Below this pond is a building where the Death Drop awaits.
7. Return to Memorial Park and venture east this time back towards Smith Fountain. South and just east is a building with the Death Drop on its near side.
8. Now more north from Memorial Park to the furthest building. This building has the Death Drop.
9. Retreat to Memorial Park yet again and then venture back north towards the large block of building just beyond the edge of the park. From here move east and ping to locate the Death Drop.
10. Continuing moving south and east from the previous Death Drop or, head to the northwest situated clinic and move south and east. Pinging along either route should reveal the Death Drop.
11. You’ll come across Zeke’s place naturally playing the campaign. The Death Drop is due west.
12. One of the last Neon Death Drops is near the district’s exit. Stand in front of Jefferson Tunnel and move east one block to find the Death Drop.
13. A big old Fisherman’s Wharf sign in the southwest quandrant makes a great marker. Move southwest from it till you hit a warehouse, then ping around on the roof.

Historic District
14. Head to the 19th Street drawbridge that leads towards the Warren District, head north from the front of the bridge and ping away.
15. Another northwest located clinic has a Daed Drop very close by. Ping when at the clinic to find it.
16. Likewise, hit up the southeast clinic and start pinging from its northern territory.
17. Ground Zero has large skyscrapers along its edges. Zero in on the northern ones and ping to locate the Dead Drop within one.
18. Once the previous Dead Drop is acquired, head northwest and continually ping to find the next Dead Drop.

Warren District
19. A warehouse is situated on the docks due east of the Jefferson Tunnel. The Dead Drop is on its roof.
20. Yep, more clinics. Hit up the clinic in the south quandrant and move north pinging to grab the Dead Drop.
21. A (i.e. the only) European-style roundabout has a Dead Drop southeast of it.
22. Return to the roundabout and look north for another Dead Drop.
23. The prison aka penitentiary houses a Dead Drop along its rear wall. Can’t miss it.
24. Now move to the highest point of the penetentiary for another Dead Drop.
25. A set of four large cranes are situated on the southwest quandrant. If approaching from the east, the nearest crane will have the Dead Drop.
26. In the same area is an “infamous” maze of storage containers that seems to be in every other game these days. As expected, a Dead Drop is on the highest one.
27. After scaling the cargo containers, head north a block or so to a u-shaped area. The bottom tip of the “u” has a Dead Drop nearby. 28. Warren has a distinctive junked look and the main junk structure or “Junk Fortress” in the district’s west side has a Dead Drop atop it.
29. Head north and slightly west from the Fortress to find another Dead drop via pinging.
30. Now move approximately one block of buildings east to snag another Dead Drop.
31. To the north of the Warren District is a bridge heading towards the Historic District. Move west from the bridge and ping to find the Dead Drop.
32. Retreat to the bridge and look north. You’ll see a building with a Dead Drop on its roof.

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