Incredible Hulk on Blu-ray with 70 Additional Minutes

The gang over at have scored a very intriguing Blu-ray Disc related scoop if it pans out to be true.

In short, one of their international affiliate sites interviewed Incredible Hulk director Louis Leterrier and the topic of cut footage came up. Louis responded by saying there are 70 minutes of cut scenes that will be re-inserted into the film for its Blu-ray release later this year. 70!!!

Question: So, could you talk about what was cut out of the film, like is there 15 minutes?

Louis Leterrier: No, the final way of me cutting this”maybe there’s like 10-15 minutes of stuff, but there’s a lot of stuff like on the Blu-ray I think we’ll have 70 minutes of stuff.

Question: Seventeen or”

Louis Leterrier: Seventy. 7-0.

Question: 70!

Louis Leterrier: Yeah, because you shoot a lot of stuff, yeah. What’s another picture? Yeah, but that’s what great. It’s like the back story. It’s more the sequel to the Ang Lee movie.

Question: I have to ask you”so the Blu-ray”the DVD just has a little bit”

Louis Leterrier: No the Blu-ray”it’s whatever we can put on the DVD. Like DVD’s you have like 3 hours of like yeah”you have a limit of 3 hours of footage and stuff. The Blu-ray you have something like 100 hours, so if they do a double DVD but like the Blu-ray is what’s going to be good. So on the Blu-ray I’m trying to put as much of the stuff”I want to put everything we shot, you know? I’m not the kind of guy that likes to keep the stuff for myself. I’m like, okay you student filmmakers, here’s what I did right and here’s what I did wrong and in some of the stuff, in the 70 minutes, there’s some great stuff and there’s some really horrible stuff, but you’ll see it all, you know?

We cleaned up Blu-ray to be spelled correctly but who cares. 70 minutes?!? That’s basically another film unto itself.

This revelation is something to keep in mind when checking out Hulk at the theaters this upcoming weekend. You’re technically only seeing half a movie.

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