Homeland Season 2 Finale Preview: Carrie Must Make a Choice

Homeland Season 2 Finale Preview: Carrie Must Make a ChoiceTonight’s Season 2 finale of Showtime’s Homeland is titled ‘The Choice’ for good reason. Brody has finally decided that he wants to be with Carrie instead of Jessica after his daughter Dana calls him out for not being there for the family. Carrie, meanwhile, will have to choose between Brody – a confessed terrorist – and the job that she has given away any semblance of a normal life for.

The previous episode of Homeland felt like the season finale as Abu Nazir was finally tracked down by Carrie and killed by his own choice. With Nazir’s operatives already captured and now their leader deceased, the “homeland” threat against America is now gone. Or is it?

Previews for tonight’s episode show a couple intriguing scenes that raise more questions than they answer. For one, Nazir’s body will play a role in the finale. Or is it Nazir’s body? It seems like he was easily captured after two season’s of build up for a man that previously was never seen or heard from, much less apprehended. I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of a body double.

For Brody, he’s clearly not out of the woods yet. Estes still has the hit against him using Quinn as the weapon despite Saul’s knowledge of the operation. The only problem is Carrie has earned Quinn’s respect and Quinn might be having second doubts about ruining her life, which killing Brody in cold blood would certainly accomplish.

There’s also a shot in the preview footage that shows a body wrapped in white being dumped off a Navy ship. This evokes the memory of Bin Laden’s death in which his body was buried at sea. The obvious conclusion is the body belongs to Nazir. Or, as I suspect, Nazir’s body will be stolen and its someone else to maintain the illusion.

The big question tonight is will Brody live or die? The consensus is either Brody or Quinn will be offed before tonight is through. Damian Lewis has really upped his game this season and it wouldn’t be the same show without him at this point. At the same time, Rupert Friend has built a strong fan base of his own and become far more popular than I suspect the producers expected him to. Maybe there is room for both of them headed into the already ordered third season.

Showtime is not offering a free live online streaming option for tonight’s Homeland: Season 2 finale.

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