Heroes Announcement Coming at Comic-Con?

Heroes creator and showrunner Tim Kring has expressed a strong interest in completing the canceled NBC superheroes show via either a television movie or miniseries. As Kring recently told Entertainment Weekly, nothing has been decided of yet, nor has the door been shut.

“No decision has been made,” Kring said when asked if a Heroes movie was on the table. “But the Heroes brand is an extremely broad premise. It was a premise about ordinary people, an undisclosed number of people all over the world, who were waking up to these extraordinary abilities. Any number of stories could happen around that. We never posited a single ending or a single premise. It wasn’t about getting off of an island or stopping something from happening. We told stories in volumes that had a beginning, a middle, and an end. Those volumes could go on and on and on with many different characters. As a result, that Heroes universe is something that can be tapped into again in many ways. Certainly, a movie is a way to do that and clearly, there is an entire world and a number of platforms that this property could live in. Movies sometimes need a little distance from the television show.”

The logical stage for Kring to make an announcement regarding the future of Heroes would be next month’s San Diego Comic-Con. The show’s panels were a rousing success in the past and it’s hard to imagine Heroes and its comic connections to not be a part of that.

Rest assured, Heroes fans. Kring fully intends to update the status of Heroes at Comic-Con. “Heroes is something I still want to talk about, too,” Kring added when prodded about his Comic-Con plans. Perhaps a teaser that plans for some extension of the show, either online or on air, are in the works? I see little reason for Kring to discuss the show at Comic-Con if he doesn’t have something – anything – to announce.

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