Heroes and Law & Order Canceled, But Are They Done?

The news that NBC axed Heroes after four seasons and venerable Law & Order after twenty without a premeditated exit plan has been tough to swallow for fans who invested years in the characters. Perhaps feeling the heat, NBC is now considering an alternate exit for both.

According to Entertainment Weekly, NBC has opened discussions with the creators of each series about producing a two-hour finale event that will wrap up any dangling story lines and offer proper closure. Neither sendoff is a done deal much less scheduled, but the probability for each is moving in the right direction.

I am one of the few (per ratings, anyways) who followed Heroes from the beginning through season four. Tim Kring and gang ended that final episode with a nice bookend that hearkens back to season one with Claire throwing herself off a high platform. We don’t know what happens next, but do we need to? The Heroes have outed themselves and the world is forever changed.

Do you all think Heroes needs closure or do you think it already has an appropriate ending?

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