Grayskull: MOTU Script Review from LatinoReview

El Mayimbe over at has gotten a hold of the freshly penned Grayskull: Masters of the Universe script that fanboy scribe Justin Marks has been slaving over for the past year.

Before you cringe at flashbacks of the Dolph Lundgren cheese-fest that was the first Masters of the Universe film, please keep in mind that this is a complete reboot from a writer with respect for the property and its many rampant fans. Think the difference between Batman & Robin and Batman Begins.

Did El Mayimbe actually like it? In his words, “I absolutely fucking loved GRAYSKULL. THE BEST SCRIPT MARKS HAS WRITTEN YET.” With that, he gives it a rare A+, as in “A” rare miracle.

According to El Mayimbe, Marks has designed Grayskull with an epic scope on par with Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings. There’s no jokes, no cheesy characters, no neon. This is a hardcore fantasy adventure that, in its current state, will ride the line between PG-13 and R.

Even if this script manages to gain traction with the powers that be at Warner, it’ll be awhile before we see it up on the big screen. From the sounds of it, this is one we’ll want to cheer on.

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