Gears of War cover art and possible release date

It looks like the most anticipated gears in gaming history are starting to get lubricated for use. The latest EBgames newsletter is touting both standard and collector’s editions of “Gears of War” will be available October 2 on Xbox 360 for $59.99 and $69.99 respectively, and they’ve added a separate product page to their website for each version to back up the claim. If this is true and October 2 is indeed Emergence Day, we’ll all be immersed in ‘stop and pop’ combat in less than 3 months.

As with any retailer listing without concrete confirmation from the publisher, take this news with a grain of salt. We are somewhat encouraged at the prospect of an early October launch though, thanks to the delivery of what appears to be the final box art which you can check out through our Xbox 360 box art gallery. Typically final art doesn’t begin making rounds until a couple months prior to release.

We’ll certainly have more “Gears of War” information in the weeks ahead. In the meantime, be sure to check out our hands-on multiplayer preview to help pass the time.

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