Gears of War 3 Kinect Announcement at VGAs Next Month?

Epic Games’ Cliff Bleszinski is set to make a big Gears of War 3 announcement during the VGA Awards on December 11 (see the teaser below). Care to take a guess? No? Then I will.

Let’s look at the facts. Gears of War 3 for Xbox 360 was originally planned for April but was pushed back until next fall for additional development time. Cliff has been quite vocal about his admiration for Kinect on his Twitter feed, even taking one of the new accessories home to his family over Thanksgiving break. IGN recently ran a rumor report suggesting a tipster within Microsoft revealed Gears of War 3 will be Kinect compatible.

One of the big gripes about Kinect thus far has been the lack of a killer title, something non-casual Xbox 360 gamers would just have to own. Casual gamers are all over Kinect this holiday season, but what about next year? If Cliff and Epic can pull off Kinect support with Gears of War 3, Microsoft will find their Kinect install base grow by the thousands upon thousands.

As a Kinect owner I’ll be a happy camper if Cliff busts out Gears of War 3 at the VGAs and somehow pulls off Kinect controls with it.

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