Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 22 Online

HBO’s second Game of Throne episode of 2013 might as well be the Season 3 premiere for a small selection of core characters left out of last week’s Season 3 premiere episode ‘Valar Dohaeris.’ Arya, Bran, Jamie and Brienne, all absent last week, will make their Season 3 debuts tonight and kick off new arcs for each to experience. Online live streaming instructions are at the end of this post.

A lot happened last week in the Game of Thrones: Season 3 premiere to set the table for what should be a series of big events to come. Daenerys found herself a hardened army though doesn’t ethically agree with how it was put together. Jon Snow has successfully become a part of the Wildlings camp and got his first glimpse of a living, breathing giant for the trouble. Tyrion learned his father will never, ever respect him and must now devise a new plan to acquire the power and riches he feels he deserves by birthright. And Lady Margaery is using kindness to creep her way closer to King Joffrey and ultimately the Iron Throne.

The synopsis for tonight’s new episode ‘Dark Wings, Dark Words’ states that Arya will run into the Brotherhood Without Banners, a group that figures to play an important role in her future. Jaime is still with Brienne and will seek ways to pass the time on their long trek to King’s Landing. Sansa says a word or two too many about her tyrannical king, and Shae comes to Tyrion with an important request.

One character to keep an eye on after what transpired in the Season 3 premiere is Bronn. The previews for tonight’s episode show he will be back again, and after Tyrion’s failed attempt to get his due from the new King’s Hand, Bronn figures to become more valuable to Tyrion than ever before.

I am also curious to see how Lady Margaery’s wiggling into the Lannister affairs play out. Cersei is certainly on to her “game” to get to the throne, but the big question is how long will Cersei let Margaery take advantage of her son? Or maybe Joffrey will catch onto Margaery’s manipulation and take care of her himself. He has experience dealing with traitors and sending a message. Miss ya, Ned Stark.

Tonight’s Game of Thrones: Season 3 episode 22 ‘Dark Wings, Dark Words’ has a start time of 9/8c on HBO. The pay network will also be live streaming the episode online via their HBO Go website and app so you can watch it there tonight via a tablet such as iPad, mobile phone or computer/laptop. It’s important to note that the online live stream won’t be free; you must be a subscriber of HBO to utilize the HBO Go service.

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