Game of Thrones Episode 13 Preview: Renly’s Back

Game of Thrones Episode 13 Preview: Renly's BackOn last night’s Game of Thrones new episode ‘The Night Lands’ on HBO, Theon Greyjoy traveled to meet his father in Pyke and ask for help from his old man in fighting the Stark war against the Lannisters. In addition to meeting the House Greyjoy lord for the first time, we meet another new character that catches Theon off guard.

If you’re having trouble keeping track of all the new Game of Thrones characters this season and another old scraggly man just joined the fray, it won’t get any easier. The third episode from the new season will travel to Renly’s camp, the younger Baratheon brother who ran off when the Lannisters turned on the Starks in Season 1. Since then, Renly has built up an army of 100,000 men strong, one his older brother Stannis wants a piece of. Renly has a lady by his side, Margaery Tyrell (Natalie Dormer), and plenty of other new characters surrounding him, many of which you can see in the preview footage below.

Elsewhere in Westeros, Gendry is officially a wanted man and Joffrey’s troops know exactly where he is. They don’t know Arya is on the road, too, so it’s a two-fer if they can successfully snag the pair during what looks like a brazen nighttime attack to come.

Littlefinger’s pissing matches look like they’ll continue in the next episode as he’ll have words with the new King’s Hand, Tyrion. Speaking of Tyrion, his moves since arriving in King’s Landing are pushing Cersei’s buttons something fierce.

Up north, Jon Snow stumbles onto Craster’s secret and gets knocked up the head for doing so. Meanwhile in the south, the Khaleesi sees one of the men she sent out scouting return without his body. The journey through the Red Waste and clear lack of lip balm will continue.

And poor Bran, continually haunted by dreams where he’s anything but human, looks as if he’s got more rough nights ahead. Bran was a no-show in last night’s episode but will return in the next.

Game of Thrones episode 13 ‘What Is Dead May Never Die’ premieres this upcoming Sunday.

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