Game of Thrones ‘A Man Without Honor’ Promo: Jon Snow is Lost

Game of Thrones 'A Man Without Honor' Promo: Jon Snow is LostHBO’s Game of Thrones dramatically altered the lives of several key players in last night’s episode, ‘The Old Gods and the New.’ Jon Snow couldn’t override his morals and is paying the cold, harsh price. Theon’s sex addition threw a wrench into an otherwise well-executed plan. And Daenerys was too trusting in her new surroundings and has lost that which she loves most.

Jon Snow has killed before, but he’s never had to sink his blade in the flesh of a woman. Well north of the wall he finds himself in this precise predicament, expected to execute an attractive red-haired wildling woman who is begging him to get it over with. He can’t, she escapes, and soon enough they’re bundled together to try and heat the cold of night. Jon’s adventures with the wildling as he tries to find the Night’s Watch are only just beginning.

Poor Theon. It’s bad enough he feels like the Stark’s betrayed him and is father thinks more of his sister, not to mention his scheme to take control of Winterfell from Bran Stark wasn’t even his own. He did execute the plan well enough, at least until presented with a very naked wildling girl, the same one he helped capture last season. Dumb, Theon. Just dumb. Now Bran has escaped and Theon must head out in a search party to find the crippled former Lord of Winterfell.

Daenerys wants what is rightfully hers. Unfortunately while she was busy barking at the wealthiest men in Qarth, someone offed a large portion of her entourage and made off with her three precious dragon babies. She didn’t notice it, but someone was absent from the bedroom that should have been there. Regardless, Daenerys will look to Jorah to bring the dragons back safely. Finding boats is now the least of the Khaleesi’s worries.

As the promo below reveals, Jaime Lannister will finally return this upcoming Sunday. The last time we saw him was face-to-face with Robb’s direwolf, wasn’t it? It’s been so long that I can hardly remember.

Game of Thrones: Season 2 episode 17 ‘A Man Without Honor’ will premiere this upcoming Sunday, May 13 at 9/8c on HBO.

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