Full Auto 2: Battlelines coming exclusively to Playstation 3

SEGA today confirmed in an official announcement the sequel to “Full Auto” is well into development at Pseudo Interactive. The surprise isn’t confirmation of “Full Auto 2: Battlelines,” especially considering the success of the first. We all knew a sequel was coming one way or the other. What’s shocking is Playstation 3 is the only platform “Full Auto” junkies will find their next Unwreck fix. Xbox 360 has been left out in the cold.

“Full Auto 2: Battlelines” is being described a lot like the first only with more emphasis on, what else, destruction! Players will be able to alter track conditions to block competitors’ paths, fire well-timed missles to drop debris on opponents or even open up new paths. Over 20 weapons will be selectable for each of 25 vehicles ranging from low riders to industrial vehicles.

The single-player campaign has been reworked into a multi-path event where six districts, vehicles and weapons of Staunton City can be conquered and subsequently acquired. Multi-player modes aim to take advantage of Pseudo Interactive’s focus on strategic destruction in a team environment or going solo against the crowd.

We expect “Full Auto 2: Battlelines” to be hands-on at E3 next week so check back for our full impressions.

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