First The Dark Knight Rises Set Photo is Neon Green

Production on The Dark Knight Rises officially got underway earlier today in India and an anonymous person snapped a pic of the on-location set.

What you’re looking at below looks like a pit or crater in the ground with what appears to be green screen set 3 to 6 feet below the upper lip. To the right are a gaggle of crew members who size approximates the scale of the pit.

Most of the scoops about the 2-day India shoot suggest that Christian Bale is the only principal cast member who made the trip. Running with that idea, the pit could be a place where Bale as Bruce Wayne/Batman goes to explore or meditate, with cave elements filled in via CGI in post-production.

Another idea is that the hole in the ground is a Lazarus Pit, a natural phenomenon in the DC Comics’ universe discovered by Ra’s al Ghul. The India scenes could be a flashback to Ra’s younger days when he used the pit to heal himself. If they are, why would Christian Bale be around?

For now, whatever Christopher Nolan is shooting in India will likely remain a mystery and be debated for months to come. Watch it turn out to be something the speculators haven’t even thought of yet.

Source: Batman News

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