First Look: Lost Season 6 Blu-ray Cover Art

Without giving away too much for those of you still playing catchup on Lost, one of the prevalent themes running throughout the show is that of good versus evil. The Man in Black versus Jacob. Or in more simplistic terms, light versus dark.

Below we have for you a first look at what is likely the near final (or possibly final) cover artwork for the final season of Lost on Blu-ray Disc. Notice the light and dark theme with only a splash of color in the character photos and Blu-ray label? It’s a simple yet engaging design that separates itself from the previous seasons without breaking the basic layout template.

The downer to Lost: Season six on Blu-ray is it will not include the new 12-14 minute epilogue that cast member Michael Emerson (Ben Linus) revealed would be in the Lost: The Complete Series Collection set. If you already purchased the previous five seasons on Blu-ray then it makes little sense to re-purchase them all for less than 15 minutes of new footage.

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