First Green Lantern Clip Sees Kilowag Bully Hal Jordan

Michael Clarke Duncan stopped by the set of G4’s Attack the Show yesterday to talk about his role in Warner’s upcoming Green Lantern movie.

As is often the case when an actor is out promoting their film on the talk show circuit, Duncan brought along with him a clip from the film featuring the alien character he voices, Kilowag. The clip also happens to be the first released by Warner for Green Lantern after countless trailers and TV spots over the past several months.

In the clip, Kilowag bullies Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) who has recently arrived on the planet Oa to receive his Green Lantern Corps training. The two don’t exactly hit it off as Kilowag seems to have a thing against humans.

Before you start judging the extensive CGI please keep in mind that the low quality YouTube clip is not doing the effects any favors. The CGI will look infinitely better up on the big screen.

Green Lantern takes flight in theaters everywhere on June 17 in 2D and 3D.

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