First Dead Island Riptide Trailer Goes Boom

First Dead Island Riptide Trailer Goes BoomRemember the first Dead Island trailer that played in reverse slow motion from a dead young girl laying on the ground to her final terrifying moments of life? It was a viral sensation that garnered press outside gaming circles and brought immediate attention what would become the birth of a powerful franchise with its movie rights already purchased by the studio behind The Hunger Games.

Developer Deep Silver is currently hard at work on Dead Island Riptide which will be available on unknown platforms sometime in 2013. Finally the first trailer for this hotly anticipated game has arrived and, like its predecessor, evokes all kinds of emotion at the expense of hope and life.

In the Dead Island Riptide trailer, a couple stands inside an overturned boat that has ended up inland on the island of Palanai after a flood disaster caused by monsoon rains. Zombies are trying to get in from the outside and there is seemingly no escape.

The young man and woman grasp a lighter as cans of gas or CO2 spill into the air. The end has come so they caress each other in their final seconds on this earth before flicking the switch.

I leave you with the Dead Island Riptide trailer to ingest, followed by an image reflecting the calm before the storm.

First Dead Island Riptide Trailer Goes Boom

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