Fighter Within Xbox One Trailer Needs a Good Punch

Fighter Within Xbox One Trailer Needs a Good PunchUbisoft’s Fighter Within is one of the more intriguing Xbox One launch titles in that it relies entirely on the new Kinect 2.0 peripheral to function. It doesn’t require the overly annoying guy seen in the humor-skewed new trailer below, thank goodness. Unless his job is to make you want to punch him and thus purchase the game. In that case give the man a round of applause because he succeeded with flying colors.

What makes Fighter Within intriguing is its design around the more accurate new Kinect. The current and old Kinect would struggle to match your fighting gestures into the game accurately, much less without noticeable lag that would ruin the illusion of sparring with a real opponent. In theory Fighter Within shouldn’t have these issues and should offer a fun straight-up fighting game with no controller necessary. It might help offset the inevitable weight gain attributed to excessive couch time from the launch of two new consoles with the span of one week.

Fighter Within will be ready to own on November 22 alongside the launch of Xbox One.

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