Falling Skies Death March Unanswered Questions and Prince of Greatness Promo

Falling Skies Death March Unanswered Questions and Prince of Greatness PromoIn last night’s episode of TNT’s Falling Skies, ‘Death March,’ the 2nd Mass. hit the road and made their way across 500 miles of road to finally reach Charleston, South Carolina. When they got there, all the hopes and dreams of a new civilization to join were crushed at the sight of a burnt out shell of a once thriving city.

In an unexpected twist, Colonel Porter (Dale Dye) emerged from the woods to inform Captain Weaver and the 2nd Mass. that Charleston is, in fact, the new capital of the United States of America, and some fresh strawberries are offered as proof to a hidden city within a destroyed city. Hope has been restored, at least temporarily.

When the 2nd. Mass ventures into Charleston, they’ll meet up with none other than John Locke! Actually that’s Terry O’Quinn, the actor who played Locke on ABC’s Lost. Judging by the drawn guns and tense confrontation in the promo below, O’Quinn and the 2nd Mass. won’t be on the same page.

The second-to-last episode of Falling Skies: Season 2 debuts this upcoming Sunday on TNT. Watch the promo spot for episode 209 ‘Prince of Greatness,’ a recap of ‘Death Match’ that includes a few exclusive moments from ‘Prince of Greatness,’ and an interview with Dale Dye about his return to the show below.

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