E3: TheManRoom’s Tuesday press conference predictions

After last night’s lackluster Sony press conference I felt inspired ” compelled even ” to make some quick bold predictions on what to expect at today’s Nintendo and Microsoft press conferences. Will my glimpses into a mystical crystal ball be proven true?


3) Reggie finds nothing when he reaches in to surprise the audience. Two fanboys suffer premature ejaculation followed by heart attacks from the mishap.

2) Moments later, Reggie finds what he was looking for” the new microscopic-sized Nintendo Gameboy.

1) Reggie closes the Nintendo Press Conference singing “Wii are the champions.” That’s hopefully the last Wii joke muttered. Ever.


3) Peter Moore proclaims Gears of War receives has already received numerous “Best Of Show” awards.

2) A Halo trailer turns out to be a teaser for the upcoming movie and not Halo 3. The good news is it’s not pre-rendered.

1) The unveiling of Microsoft’s HD-DVD solution resembles the SEGA Genesis Mega-CD contraption. Apparently an assistant slipped in the inspiration and not final product slide.

– Dan Bradley

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