E3: TheManRoom’s top 10 “on the floor” predictions

This morning kicks of another year of E3 madness at the Los Angeles convention center. While the TMR team anxiously awaits its chance to plow through hoards of gaming geeks in search playable games without long lines behind them, we thought it would be nice to share our top 10 predictions of what we expect to find in the electronic jungle.

10) Wii name jokes and parodies are as prevalent as Brokeback Mountain recently were.

9) The Nintendo fanboy line stretches into Kentia Hall and is named Wiiback Mountain. Now 2/3s of attendees realize Kentia Hall exists.

8) A hand masseuse calls for backup trying to keep up with victims of Rockstar’s Table Tennis.

7) TheManRoom editors manage to lose over $1,000 while playing Rainbow Six: Vegas. Ubisoft developers are stumped.

6) Madden NFL 07’s new features first appeared a decade ago. At least it’s still the best NFL-sanctioned football game this year.

5) Bloggers under the guise of press beg and plead to get into the convention center. In fact, MySpace.com sees its lowest reported traffic ever.

4) Rupert Holmes appears at the Microsoft Booth singing “If you like Viva Pinatas…” A short time later, Elijah Wood joins Rupert for a duet.

3) Since TheManRoom and DailyGame will have a combined 6 staff members on the floor, it brings the total number of guys on the floor who have actually had sex (with a girl) to 5. Sorry Hooch.

2) The same people who bitch about paying $3.00+ for a gallon of gasoline gladly hand over $15 for a small, crunchy hamburger and a flat Mountain Dew.

1) Eidos still won’t let us in their booth.

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