Dr. Who: Fish Fingers and Custard

Dr. Who: Fish Fingers and CustardI have been trying to figure out over the last couple of weeks why the upcoming Doctor Who: Season 7 episode ‘Angels Take Manhattan‘ means so much to us Whovians. Yes, it is always emotional when companions leave The Doctor, and the possibility of it being their last breathes as well definitely adds to the emotion potential, but it’s more than that. It isn’t the years we’ve spent with Amy or the many adventures where we’ve seen Rory man-up and overcome all manner of creatures and situations. At the heart of all the creatures and cliffhangers and moments, it all boils down to one thing: fish fingers and custard.

When The Doctor first met Amelia Pond, he had just regenerated into the current Matt Smith incarnation so it was more than just another new companion meeting. We were meeting them both for the first time. And it was during that interaction where they were both feeling each other out for the first time, two little kids in a sense, just trying to figure themselves and the world around them while having unrestrained fun at the same time… all over fish fingers and custard.

That look on The Doctor’s face, the smile, the glint in his eye, and the precocious look of curiosity and wonderment in Amelia’s would live on in every interaction they would have ongoing. Innocent and endearing, watching The Doctor and Little Amelia Pond has been like watching our own children grow and evolve, or more so they embody that purity we all wish to have inside us.

This will be a hard goodbye for me, I won’t lie. It’s been even harder trying to explain to my wife why this coming episode is going to mean so much. It’ll be even more difficult to explain why I’m blubbering into my plate full of fish fingers and custard.

Goodbye Little Amelia Pond. Our hearts, our minds, and our smiles will always shine when we think about your adventures with The Eleventh and we can only hope that whatever fate lies in your future is one befitting all of memories we will have of you.

Oh yeah, we’re going to miss you too, Rory.

– James Zappie

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