Disney’s Snow White Blu-ray Beating DVD to Market

Disney has been leading the charge amongst Blu-ray publishers to push the high-def format on their standard DVD audiences.

The effort began with Disney including DVD versions packaged in with Blu-ray Discs releases. Once that took hold, Disney tested out giving Bolt on Blu-ray Disc a 2-day exclusive releases window before the standalone DVD edition would be available.

With the upcoming Platinum Edition release of Snow White on Blu-ray on October 6, Disney is taking the exclusive window concept to a whole new level. Rather than hold back the DVD version a couple days, Disney won’t make Snow White on DVD available until November 24, a full seven weeks after the Blu-ray release.

This move is not only important as a signal to other studios that a key to Blu-ray’s success is to beat DVD to market, but also because Snow White was the first DVD to sell 1 million copies in a single day when it was first released in 2001

Those who cannot wait to get their hands on Snow White on DVD will either have to wait nearly two months or buy the Blu-ray version that includes the DVD as a combo bonus. The more Blu-ray versions in consumers homes, the more likely a Blu-ray Disc player or PS3 will make for a great Christmas gift later this year.

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