Disney Releasing Bolt on Blu-ray Before DVD

One of my predictions for Blu-ray Disc in 2009 has come true thanks to Disney and I didn’t even have to wish upon a star.

Disney has just announced that Bolt on Blu-ray Disc will be released on March 22, two days earlier than expected (March 24).

The big news is multiple DVD versions of Bolt won’t see a store shelf until March 24. This gives the Blu-ray Disc version and 2-day exclusive window to entice shoppers to make the jump to HD.

Bolt on Blu-ray includes the DVD version within the package. Theoretically, and I’m sure the marketing crew at Disney used this argument for this test, a DVD player owner who really wants Bolt on March 22 could buy the Blu-ray version, watch the value-add DVD, and then be enticed to upgrade to Blu-ray since they already own the movie.

Likewise, a PS3 console owner who wants Bolt early but previously only bought DVDs would have no reason not to pop in the Blu-ray version to see what all the 1080p fuss is all about. There’s little doubt Bolt on Blu-ray won’t be a reference quality title and can potentially convert some of this audience.

One of the biggest obstacles for Blu-ray to increase its penetration over DVD is price. DVD is cheaper and most consumers are more likely to grab what’s cheapest.

If high-profile Blu-ray Disc titles arrive in stores before DVD, even if by a few days, consumers might think about making the upgrade. With the DVD already packed in this test has a chance of succeeding.

I wish it luck.

You can check out our original Blu-ray announcement for Bolt as published back on January 16 right here. It includes bonus features and high-res cover art.

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