Disney Expands Pixar’s Cars Franchise with Planes

Pixar’s Cars franchise is expanding with a new mode of transportation in the coming years.

DisneyToon Studios has announced work is underway on Planes, a new full-length CGI-animated film. The all-new aerial characters will live in the same world as Pixar’s Cars characters, only they’ll spend the majority of their time much higher off the ground.

The international cast of Planes will be lead by Dusty, a small-town plane with a fear of heights who longs to enter and win an around-the-world race. You can guess what happens next; Dusty will team up with a group of zany Planes characters and together they’ll get Dusty into the race.

The image of an animated Plane character you see up above is actually from Cars 2 but is likely indicative of the characters that will be seen in Planes (if not the sole inspiration for the project). If a talking train shows up in any of these Planes films then Thomas the Train better start getting nervous.

The first Planes film will be released exclusively direct-to-video on Blu-ray Disc and DVD in Spring 2013.

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