Disney Blu-ray Clips: Pocahontas, The Aristocats, The Rescuers and More

Disney Blu-ray Clips: Pocahontas, The Aristocats, The Rescuers and MoreOn August 21, Disney is dipping into their vault to release a series of animated films for the time ever on Blu-ray Disc. Those films include Pocahontas and Pocahontas 2 in a two-movie collection, The Aristocats, and The Rescuers and The Rescuers Down Under, also in a two-movie pack.

Maybe you’re too young enough to have seen these films or maybe you just never got around to seeing them at all. Or, maybe you saw them years and years ago and need a little help jogging your memory.

Either way, you should get a kick out of clips Disney has passed along for each of these five films. First up is Pocahontas with the clips ‘Path I Choose,’ ‘Colors of the Wind,’ ‘I’m John Smith’ and ‘Just Around the River Bend.’

Next up is Pocahontas 2 with the clips ‘London,’ ‘The Ball,’ ‘What a Day in London’ and ‘Listen to the Spirit Within.’

For The Aristocats are the clips ‘Ev’rebody Wants to Be a Cat,’ ‘Napoleon and Lafayette,’ and the bonus features clips ‘Lost Opening Intro/Duel’ and ‘Oui Oui Mari.’

For The Rescuers we have the clips ‘Rescue Aid Society,’ ‘Choosing a Co-Agent,’ ‘Gators Play the Organ’ and ‘The Rescuers Meet Penny.’

And last but not least are The Resuers Down Under clips ‘Engagement Mix Up,’ ‘Snowy Takeoff,’ ‘Australia Arrival’ and ‘Wilbur Watches the Eggs.’

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