Dexter Season 7 Finale Preview: Finally Caught?

Dexter Season 7 Finale Preview: Finally Caught?The name of tonight’s Dexter: Season 7 finale should get you juiced up for the climatic episode that sets up the series’ final season. It is, after all, a blast from the past that offers hints at what’s about to go down.

The title ‘Surprise, Motherf**ker!’ comes from Sergeant Doakes’s favorite catchphrase and is a preview of what’s to come. At least it was before Doakes was blown up on his mission to out Dexter as the Bay Harbor Butcher and put his coworker behind bars for good. Instead, dead Doakes was framed for the Butcher murders and Dexter went about his murderous vigilante ways.

Since Maria LaGuerta found one of Dexter’s blood slides in the season premiere, she’s been convinced that Doakes was innocent after all. Her love for Doakes has driven her to track down who the real Bay Harbor Butcher is. That trail, with the aid of Tom Matthews, has led her right to Dexter Morgan.

Tom was good friends with Dexter and Deb’s dad back in the day and despite the evidence is already convinced Dexter is innocent. LaGuerta isn’t, though, and set a trap for Dexter that nearly got him caught. It did let the man that ordered the murder of Dexter’s mom loose, and he knows about Dexter’s dirty little secret.

The stage is set for Dexter to be caught and hauled off to jail. Hannah has been arrested and can turn the table on Dexter at any moment and spill her guts to anyone in homicide. The thug that escaped Dexter can come forward and turn him in as a sign of “good faith” and “vengeance.” The only person on Dexter’s side right now is Deb, and she’s been walking a fine line with her allegiance since watching her brother ram a sword into Travis.

Previews for tonight’s Dexter: Season 7 finale insinuate that Dexter will be caught. Maybe he will, but don’t let the previews fool you. I would expect a twist or cliffhanger to come about, something that will make the wait for the eighth and final season tough to endure.

Unfortunately there is no live online streaming option that you can watch for tonight’s episode, free or otherwise. A Showtime subscription isn’t that much and is highly recommended.

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