Dexter Renewed for Two More Seasons: Michael C. Hall Salary Dispute Resolved

Dexter Renewed for Two More Seasons: Michael C. Hall Salary Dispute ResolvedDexter will enjoy a slice of life for at least two more years as Showtime has officially renewed the hit series through 2013.

The future of Dexter beyond the current sixth season was in doubt after Michael C. Hall and the pay network were at an impasse regarding the star’s salary. Hall reportedly wanted $24 million for two more years, while Showtime was only willing to offer $20 million.

Without Michael C. Hall there is no Dexter, and Showtime somehow got him signed up for two more seasons. The terms of the deal have not been disclosed, but at least fans can rest easy knowing Dex will be saran wrapping victims to his table for a few more years.

Dexter: Season 6 premiered to the strongest ratings for the show yet with 2.2 million viewers, up 24 percent from the Season 5 premiere. Though the current season still has several episodes left to air, it’s clear there’s plenty of creativity left to take the character to new unexpected places.

Earlier in Dexter: Season 6, Dex stumbled upon one of the serial killers he tracked as a child, a man that was never caught. It was a glimpse into a possible future for Dex if he remained a free man into his twilight years.

I’d love to see what becomes of Dex as he and the people around him continue to age. If The Simpsons and South Park can reach 20 seasons, why not Dexter? Wishful thinking, I know.

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