Damn Dirty Apes Headed to Blu-ray

Chris Tribbey of Agent DVD/Home Media Retailing magazine has confirmed Fox is prepping a deluxe set of all five Planet of the Apes for a Blu-ray Disc release this November.

Richard Ashton, director of classics for Fox, adds “We’re making a Blu-ray statement with this collection. [Planet of the Apes has] lived in the television environment, [on] VHS, Laserdisc and DVD. …Now it will be breathtaking. It’s like getting Lasik eye surgery. …this is a relevant upgrade from the DVD versions. Every special feature from the original DVDs will be included in this Blu-ray release.”

Ashton goes on to say that Fox is essentially throwing everything but the kitchen sink into this set including all-new high-def bonus features that explore the evolution of the series, examine the original 1963 book, La planète des singes (Monkey Planet) by French novelist Pierre Boulle, as well as explore the work of producer Arthur P. Jacobs and co-writer Michael Wilson.

The big teaser is a hint by Ashton that one of the films will be restored to its original unrated, unrated cut. If you think you know which one, chime in with your pick in the HDR Forums.

We’ve got our eyes open for the official announcement from Fox with full specs and cover art. Check back regularly for that as well as pricing and pre-order information.

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