Chuck Norris and Charles Bronson Blu-ray Titles Don’t Care About Extras

Chuck Norris and Charles Bronson Blu-ray Titles Don't Care About ExtrasFox and MGM are delivering a swarm of Chuck Norris and Charles Bronson action titles on Blu-ray beginning early next month. If the press release I received this morning it to be believed, the only reason Norris titles are coming to Blu-ray is because the man himself requested them.

On June 5, Chuck will battle and conquer a variety of baddies in Delta Force, Missing in Action and Missing in Action II. You’ll have to swing by a Walmart store or to pick these up as they are exclusive to that retail chain.

The next wave of Norris action titles arrives on July 17 with Lone Wolf McQuade and Code of Silence. These are not store exclusive and should be widely available.

Charles Bronson gets in on the action on August 14 with the release of Death Wish II, Death Wish III and Death Wish IV. The original Death Wish is a Paramount title and has yet to be released. Paramount might jump at the opportunity to roll it out to take advantage of the sequels hitting stores.

To quote the press release regarding extras, “Extras? Sure there are extras. But who cares when we just gave you eight awesome action films filled with blood and guts for the first time ever on Blu-ray!”

I translate that to mean expect whatever extras appear on the previously released DVDs.

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