Chromehounds environment and in-game Xbox 360 screenshots

Game designers have been notorious for pitting Mech’s against each other in either rocky terrain or industrial/city centers. While those are safe bets for either destructable or wide open environments, where’s the creativity?

Based on this latest onslaught of Chromehounds screenshots, SEGA wants to break the trend and plop their Mech’s into previously uncharted territory. I almost laughed out loud when opening the first screen and discovering a docile farm, then later on a Mech camoflauging itself amongst snow covered trees. And if the lone piece of artwork rings true, Mech’s will parade themselves amongst cities of old.

SEGA doesn’t stop with showcasing some of the game’s environments. Check out a few in-game shots with a rather busy alphabet-laden HUD, and lastly a couple tactical map screens not to be confused with a game of RISK. Enjoy!

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