Call of Duty: Black Ops Pack-A-Punch Weapons List

The Pack-A-Punch weapons upgrade machine returns in Call of Duty: Black Ops with a whole slew of new and improved arms to help conquer Zombie mode.

The following Pack-A-Punch weapons list includes all the standard weapons in Zombie mode and their Pack-A-Punch upgraded versions. You’ll find them on the Zombie maps Der Riese, Five, Kino Der Toten, and the hardened and prestige edition exclusive maps Shi No Numa and Verruckt. The Pack-A-Punch weapons are broken down by weapon type.

Good luck collecting them all. You’ll need them.

CoD: Black Ops Assault Rifles

AUG = AUG-50M3
Commando = Predator
Famas = G16-GL35
G11 = G115 Generator
Galil = Lemantation
M14 = Mnesia
M16 = SkullCrusher

CoD: Black Ops Handguns

CZ75 = Calamity
CZ75 Dual Wield = Calamity & Jane
M1911 = Mustang & Sally
Python = Cobra

CoD: Black Ops Launchers

China Lake = China Beach
M72 LAW = M72 Anarchy

CoD: Black Ops Light machine guns

HK21 = H115 Oscillator
RPK = R115 Resonator

CoD: Black Ops Shotguns

HS10 = Typhoid & Mary
Olympia = Hades
SPAZ-12 = SPAZ-24
Stakeout = Raid

CoD: Black Ops Sniper Rifles

Dragunov = D115 Disassembler
L96A1 = L115 Isolator

CoD: Black Ops Submachine Guns

AK47u = AK74fu2
MP40 = The Afterburner
MPK5 = MP115 Kollider
PM63 = Tokyo & Rose

CoD: Black Ops Special Weapons

Ballistic Knife = The Krause Refibrillator
Crossbow = Awful Lawton
Ray Gun = Porter’s X2 Ray Gun
Thundergun = Zeus’ Cannon
Winter’s Fury = Winter’s Fury

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