Buy RoboCop Remastered Blu-ray, See RoboCop Reboot Free in Theaters

Buy RoboCop Remastered Blu-ray, See RoboCop Reboot Free in TheatersDirector Jose Padilha’s RoboCop reboot starring Joel Kinnaman as the iconic cyborg law enforcement officer arrives in cinemas around North America. If you’re a fan of the original RoboCop from director Paul Verhoeven and are interested in seeing the reboot, then an opportunity has come to light that will kill two birds with one stone. is currently selling the recently released beautifully remastered in 4K original RoboCop on Blu-ray for only $7.99. Watching this classic in HD is worth every penny and deserves a shot on your Blu-ray shelf.

As if the price of the RoboCop remastered Blu-ray weren’t low enough, Amazon has sweetened the pot by tossing in a $7.50 movie ticket offer with each purchase. Do the math; Amazon Prime members can spend $7.99 on the RoboCop remastered Blu-ray and get a $7.50 movie ticket voucher for doing so. The total money spent to watch both RoboCops is 49 cents.

The $7.50 movie ticket voucher is offered by Hollywood Movie Money and will be sent electronically via email as soon as the RoboCop Blu-ray ships. Since the title is in stock it should ship the same day you order it, so the voucher would be available to use for this Valentine’s Day weekend. Nothing says “I Love You” like a dry-humored cyborg blasting bad guys into bits.

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