Buena Vista Blu-ray Disc Cover Art Receives Facelift

Back on Christmas Eve, eagle-eyed readers may have noticed the cover art attached to the Hidalgo and Coyote Ugly Blu-ray Disc announcement was different than anything Buena Vista had released in the past. The swoosh was gone, but in its place was a much larger “Blu-ray Disc” label across the top and “High Definition” tag across the bottom.

Sometimes artwork released online is slightly different than what appears in stores, as its been designed to appear in small print requiring a larger font. While this could have been the case with Hidalgo and Coyote, we suspected Buena Vista was, in fact, incorporating a new design.

In the past few days, Buena Vista and Disney have released revised cover art for the big upcoming release Enchanted. Guess what? It now sports the same design Hidalgo and Coyote Ugly do. The only difference is on Enchanted, the bottom tag includes “1080p” in front of “High Definition.”

Our speculation is Buena Vista is trying to reach out to new potential buyers and Playstation 3 owners who have yet to buy a Blu-ray movie by pushing the high definition aspect and Blu-ray brand harder than they have before. Early adopter purists might grumble at this move that caters to the PS3 crowd, but if it helps lure in new buyers and grow high definition home video, we’re all for it.

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