Blu-ray Penetration Over DVD Holding Steady

The holidays were a great time for Blu-ray Disc that saw disc sales capture up to 18% of all home video sales during any given week.

Before the holidays, Blu-ray Disc sales average anywhere between 8% and 10% of all home video sales. A big release such as Iron Man would skew that number towards the top of the range.

With all the Blu-ray Disc players and PS3 consoles opened on Christmas morning the stage was set for Blu-ray to push its penetration higher. One big roadblock still stands in its way: the economy.

A month removed from the holidays sees Blu-ray Disc penetration holding the low end of its holiday trend but not pushing into new territory. Week over week has seen the percentage of Blu-ray Disc sales drop slightly, now residing at 12% for the past week.

Many consumers are still looking for the best deal in these tight economic times which is slowing Blu-ray’s growth. Even a couple dollars difference can make all the difference in a tight budget. Case in point: last week Blu-ray saw a 43.5% drop in sales from the previous week while DVD only dropped 11.2%.

February will be a telling month as there are no blockbuster titles scheduled and Blu-ray will have to hold its own on past releases and lower profile new releases. If it can hold above 10% penetration then a new bar will be set. It may take a stronger economy before the next level is reached.

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