Arnold Schwarzenegger in New Terminator Movie Package

Now that his governing days are behind him, Arnold Schwarzenegger is hoping to follow his upcoming run as the Governator by donning sunglasses and becoming the Terminator again.

As reported earlier today by Deadline and confirmed by every other Hollywood trade publication, CAA is currently shopping a Terminator 4 package to studios that includes their client Schwarzenegger as the deadly killing machine and Fast Five helmer Justin Lin as the director. No screenplay is included in this package, nor has any information about the story or how the older Schwarzenegger would be utilized.

When former Terminator rights holder Halcyon Group produced and released Terminator Salvation starring Christian Bale and Sam Worthington in 2009, they fully intended the film to be the start of a new trilogy. Funds ran out on Halcyon last year resulting in the rights moving into bankruptcy proceedings. Sony and Lionsgate partnered up to bid on the rights and were not successful, losing out to Pacificor for $29.5 million plus an additional $5 million to Halcyon for any produced sequels.

Whichever studio purchases the package, and it’s assumed someone will given the return of Schwarzenegger in his signature starring vehicle and role, will need to get a move on pushing it into development. The movie rights to the Terminator franchise will revert back to James Cameron on 2018 which would leave him in the driver’s seat as to whether squash the property or let it continue forward into the future. Universal seems a natural suitor given their relationship with Lin from three Fast and Furious films, and reportedly they’re already discussing the package with CAA.

CAA’s package raises many questions, most notably how Schwarzenegger, who turns 64 this July, can reprise a character meant to look no older than 35. His interest in being part of the package could have been spurred on by Jeff Bridges playing a younger version of himself in Tron: Legacy. In theory it would be easier for Schwarzenegger’s animators given the Terminator character always has the same facial expression. Similar techniques were used to insert Arnold’s likeness into Terminator Salvation for a quick cameo, but as Tron: Legacy proved, the technology has improved greatly in just a couple years time.

Schwarzenegger is already knee deep into developing The Governator comic books, television series and ultimately a live-action 3D film. He could conceivably work on a new Terminator film before The Governator 3D movie is produced . A cold reception to the comic book and television series could put the kibosh on those plans.

Source: Deadline

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