Amazon Launches “3D 101” for Home Entertainment

Viewing 3D programming, Blu-ray 3D Discs or playing 3D video games is still in its infancy from a marketing standpoint. Things are starting to pick up as evidenced by a new initiative launched at online retailer

The initiative, dubbed “3D 101,” is designed to inform consumers about how 3D works in the home environment, what products are available and what is coming down the pipe i.e. 3D on Playstation 3. Theatrical 3D is easy; you buy a ticket and wear the glasses. Creating this effect at home is a little more involved and requires some technical understanding.

One of the products being pushed at “3D 101” is Samsung’s free 3D Starter Kit with the purchase of a Samsung Blu-ray 3D player and Samsung 3D TV. Dreamworks’ Monsters vs. Aliens on Blu-ray 3D comes in this kit.

The section is worth exploring for the tutorial videos alone, much less the FAQ and wide range of products.

Visit “3D 101” at

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